• Colour Maximite 2 GEN2 Deluxe Edition + USB Host Contr. + WiFi

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The product is based on the Color Maximite 2 GEN2 - Geoff's project. It is 100% compatible with it and has been extended with additional functions.

Color Maximite 2 Deluxe Edition GEN2 is produced in Poland.

The Color Maximite 2 Deluxe Edition GEN2 is an enhanced version of the Geoff design

Includes USB Host Controller and ESP WiFi module

PS2 compatible mouse can be purchased here:


List of parts included:

1. Fully assembled and tested unit

2. USB Host controller (installed)

3. ESP01 WiFi module (installed)

4. USB A-B cable

5. USB A-A cable

6. SD card

Main features




  • built-in ARM Cortex-M7 32-bit RISC processor clocked at 480MHz
  • 32MB external RAM
  • 3 sockets to connect 3 Wii Nunchuk controllers (as opposed to 1 socket in the original design)
  • socket for connecting a standard joystick, e.g. Atari
  • reset button
  • flash button
  • 5 edge connectors for expansion cards
  • 40 and 26 pin IDC for connecting expansion system
  • USB socket for keyboard connection
  • USB socket for mouse connection
  • USB to UART for: communication, CPU flashing, mouse chip flashing and ESP01 flashing
  • IR sensor
  • audio jack
  • VGA socket
  • power switch
  • SD card slot
  • LEDs indicating power and activity
  • built-in battery for RTC

What are the differences?

Table below shows main differences in Maximite 2 family 


*in Original GEN2 out of the box only mouse with PS2 mode is supported, there is place to install HT chip on PCB but is not installed by producers (can be purchased IN HT or PS Labs and installed by user)  

Manual and Github resources can be found here:


Expansion system Github resources can be found here:






Stan Nowy
Waga (z opakowaniem) 0.8
Model Colour Maximite 2 Deluxe Edition
Marka PS Labs
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