• Colour Maximite 2 Deluxe Edition + USB Host Contr. + WiFi

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 The product is based on the Color Maximite 2 - Geoff's project. It is 100% compatible with it and has been extended with additional functions.

Color Maximite 2 Deluxe Edition is produced in Poland.

The Color Maximite 2 Deluxe Edition is an enhanced version of the Geoff design

Includes USB Host Controller and ESP WiFi module

Main features:


  • built-in ARM Cortex-M7 32-bit RISC processor clocked at 480MHz (the processor is integrated part of the device, no additional development board with the processor is required)
  • 3 sockets to connect 3 Wii nunchuk controllers (as opposed to 1 socket in the original design)
  • socket for connecting a standard joystick, e.g. Atari
  • reset button
  • 40-pin internal socket compatible with the Raspberry Pi extension, which allows the module to be installed inside the housing
  • internal built-in prototype board 
  • 40 pin external socket
  • USB socket for keyboard connection
  • FT232 chip for flashing by usb power cable
  • IR sensor
  • audio jack
  • VGA socket
  • power switch
  • SD card slot
  • LEDs indicating power and activity
  • built-in battery for clock settings




imageSet includes: Fully assembled and tested unit with enclosure and panels USB cable USB Host Controller imagePresentation of the device:






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Model Colour Maximite 2 Deluxe Edition
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